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Moisture Meter Testing

  Established in 2016

Air Quality Pro Mold Testing is an independent testing company that does not perform mold remediation. 

Mildew on Furniture found with black light

​​Thermal Imaging 

Wall Cavity Air Sampling

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Mold Testing and Assessment

Serving Williamsburg, Newport News, Gloucester, Middlesex, Lancaster, Mathews, New Kent, King William, Northumberland, Caroline, Hanover and Essex Counties in Virginia

Saturday Appointments Available

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​​​We Find Hidden Air Quality Issues!

Does your home have a musty odor?

Are you suffering from

allergy symptoms?  


Air Quality Pro makes your family's safety our top priority.

Poor air quality can cause

irritation to eyes, nose, throat and skin and attribute to various additional health issues. 

All service calls include testing for Total Volatile Organic Compounds,  Particulate Matter, Formaldehyde, Carbon Dioxide, and Carbon Monoxide, (CO).  

Mold will slowly deteriorate anything

that it grows on.

Eliminating mold, and the moisture that feeds it, is essential for maintaining

safe indoor air quality.

Mold Testing

is performed daily by certified

inspectors to determine the existence, severity, toxicity and species of the mold. Air sampling, wall cavity sampling and surface sampling

methods  are performed.

Sample Analysis

is performed by accredited Industrial Hygiene Association Laboratories. Lab reports are generated and sent to you. We interpret the lab report to make sure you fully understand the test results.

The Cost

for testing varies depending on the job. Some customers only need one room tested, due to a previous roof or plumbing leak. The cost is $125 for the service call plus $90 for each test, which includes the lab fees. The service call includes a 30 minute structure assessment to determine the specific testing methods needed.

The average sized home costs

between $395 or $485 to be tested for mold.

  Some customers have visible mold and desire to determine the species and find out if it's "toxic". We can take a surface sample, have it processed by the lab, and email the results within 2 business days for $195. 

 Air Quality Pro

is an independent, impartial testing company.

We do not offer remediation services. Unfortunately, some remediation and HVAC companies perform testing and use scare tactics to sell services

that are not needed.